Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Buddhi or the Blood

The buddhi is from the ancient Sanskrit meaning a higher intelligence. It places aspects of becoming enlightened through the process of learning. Higher conscious is obtained through hearing and reading not through blood lines. Knowledge is gained not inherited eventually leading to awakening and some will say enlightenment. Preparing the mind to receive this knowledge is essential to the practice which requires emptying it of unnecessary thoughts or passive reasoning. You cannot be caught up with the daily chores or worldly worries to process a divine thought.
In the ancient religious Sanskrit there are many references to principles of love and peace. Usually they take on the character of a god. This makes me believe that compassion was always a part of mans nature even in the beginning. So did we eventually become more separated from compassion or closer to it? Society as a whole is becoming more separate but there are still compassionate beings that exist. If a person is isolated in a cave meditating how can they be a compassionate being? They may become an intelligent being with a collection of divine thoughts as they avoided distraction but would only be able to show compassion to an insect that was in the cave not another being. What is important is that belief be practical and lift society as a whole. The best thing that happened to the Dalai Lama is he was forced to leave Tibet. In his refuge from tyranny he was guided to make his thoughts known to the world. Sometimes we have to leave our comfort zone of learning to become compassionate.
We look at the life of Jesus and see a highly intelligent being of divine thought and one that is full of grace and compassion. In the end Christs compassion would be divine. So in Christ we have a fully divine presence of both thought and compassion. That is why they say he is Wonderful.

The religions descended from Abraham through Moses and Isaac are by blood and inherited. The promise of God is passed eventually through a Davidic line or through houses very similar to royalty. The principles of royalty are that power is inherited through a house or bloodline. Remarkably over half the worlds religions have the belief that the priests and prophets are through a bloodline. Jewish, Islamic and Christian to name but a few.
It was important to the Christian theologians of blood to connect Jesus to a bloodline. I hear many songs and christian themes about blood. We even see in communion that we are to drink the wine that is represented as Christs blood. To an outsider this would appear as some occult practice, including turning the bread into the body of Christ. This communion is so important in the Lutheran religion that I was told it had to be taken at least once a year or  be ex-communicated. This would have been impossible during the year spent on a deserted island.
In the catholic church it is believed the host is actually mystically turned into the body and the wine into blood only by a qualified priest. In Lutheran the belief varies between consubstantiation and transubstantiation , in Methodist belief it is a reflection and in other protestant churches it is simply symbolic of the Lords Supper.
Now some denomination actually were created over the understanding of this sacrament. I personally do not get caught up in debate over this, since it is a sacrament or ritual. What is important is that we see a blood connection in the religion exist. We are also reminded that Christ shed his blood for our sins. Accepting this is essential to salvation in Christianity.
In Islam the blood line is traced back to Davidic origin for Jesus and Muhammad. Also prophets of both Jewish and Islamic are more venerated if traced back to King David. There are royal houses established to this day back to King David because he was the one who received the promises of God to be passed to his children.
Why do gentiles believe they are entitled to a promise if it is passed through the blood? Hmm that is a very good question, perhaps that is because Jesus said that this promise was to all persons of faith. Even though the blood religions are set on their connection back to a blood line all offer a spiritual path of belonging. Jewish, Islamic and Christian  teachings all present a way for the believer to receive God's promise. Now it would seem desirable to keep the association  of the old and new testament, since both are rich in wisdom and teaching. Also the prophetic nature of the bible concerning the messiah , Jesus often made references that were prophesied in the old testament. He was very conscious of prophecy. Is it possible to see through time and connect to other prophets. In the transfiguration not often talked about both Moses and Elijah appeared and conversed with Jesus - this shows a connection between the prophets. Gods spirit is not limited to time it is eternal. We sometimes think of God in terms of time and space , within our own reasoning. Jesus was not limited to time and space enjoying the company of spiritual beings from another time. In some other religions communicating with ancestors is believed possible and especially those that lived holy lives. In Eastern culture ancestor worship is practiced and the ancestors are given food and respected in ongoing rituals never forgotten. This is something that may seem inconceivable but is found throughout cultural religions. 

The amazing thing about all religions is that Jesus fills the Buddhi and the Blood line response to religion. He maintains the ancient scriptures of wisdom and those of blood. Amazing!



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