Friday, August 10, 2012

The Son

 It came to mind that if we take the T and E from the word STONE we are left with SON. Does this have any significance Jesus being the cornerstone, probably not. It only shows one thing the way my mind works. It seems to decrypt phenomenal things that may go unnoticed. I noticed my grandson is the same way. He was looking at a tree , some may have glanced at the tree but he told me there was a bird that just snatched a worm from the tree and he was wondering how the tree felt , the bird felt and the worm felt. He is very compassionate and assumed all things had feelings - this from a four year old child.
 We are reminded that to enter the kingdom of God we must be as a child. That does not mean to be unlearned in the ways of the world but it means to have the same thirst for knowledge. It is when we loose our thirst we become know it all, but that is contrary to all knowing or God. So , we come back to the the Son who did not claim to know when the world would pass , only the Father knows the time. It is an appointed time not a random occurrence - Yet it is kept from humanity. All humanity has appointments we are appointed a time for Salvation, appointed a time for various moments of births and Yes- eventually death.
 Now when Jesus was praying in the garden of Gethsemane , he prayed the cup be removed from him.
This cup was the cup of wrath which seemingly was disturbing Christ. He was only a day away from the crucifixion and wanted his most beloved disciples to pray with him through the night , however they kept falling asleep. This was a time of great agony because he knew it would be easy to leave and take flight. It was not to be though , it was an appointed time for Christ to do the will of the Father. Like so many times we have an appointment with fate and can be distracted. It takes  prayer to do God's will and sometimes we need the help of others to pray along. Even Jesus recognized the prayers of his companions would be needed to get through the ordeal.
 Yes- the Son of man was human but divinely called to do the will of the Father. As many are stones in time called , and few answer to become out of a stone a son to do God's will. It is not enough to know God's will but to do it takes prayer even into the wee hours of the night. Find a prayer partner or group you cannot go it alone.


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