Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grace the divine element

 While we often fall short in faith, Grace is in abundance. It is like oxygen the very air we breath. Grace if compared to the planet would be the ocean. It is Grace that keeps all of us afloat in an ever changing world. Amazing Grace is a gospel favorite , and certainly one of mine.
 How did mankind come by Grace - did it always exist? Can we see it - can we feel it? Is it the same as faith or forgiveness -  they are often used in the same context. Grace however has a divine essence that far exceeds any other spiritual element. Is there a definition for Grace that is adequate. It is often said' it is Grace that will see us through', or 'saved by Grace'.
 One thing that is commonly accepted among all theology is that Grace is divine. It is from God, we cannot fathom it or define it. It is often thought of as a gift from God. We sing about how God shed his Grace on thee, like rain pouring from the skies Grace pours upon all mankind. It is the element that makes our faith grow like watering a plant. When our faith seems to waiver Grace never waivers. Forgiveness and Faith are held together by Grace, miracles are performed by Grace. When Jesus walked on the water - I believe he was teaching us divine Grace. When we are baptized by water - we are sprinkled with Grace.
 It is an undeserved element and it is without reserve. God will never withhold Grace - it is given freely and continually to all men and women. Like oxygen it is essential to life itself , it is needed to produce fire , Grace is the divine element.
 Noah found grace and was spared the flood, Jesus was the messenger of Gods grace through salvation. It was Grace that replaced the Law , the divine element when mixed with others such as faith , forgiveness , mercy is essential to our salvation.We are told the Son of God came from the Father abundant in Grace and Truth.

 Never beg for mercy just ask God to show the divine Grace that is already abundantly there. Take a deep breath and breath in grace , this is an exercise - exhale emptiness, sin and doubt- breath in grace. Whenever in need of Gods intervention it will be through grace it is received. Let your grace permeate my soul oh God! Let me receive your grace even though unworthy, let your grace heal me spiritually and bodily, thank you - amen.

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