Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where is Christ now?

 Where is Christ now?
 We see thousands of Christian churches across every continent , dotted across rural communities they surpass all the fast food restaurants combined. Some are almost like franchises , some are independently formed , other massive corporations. The question is where is Christ now? We last hear of Jesus in the bible visiting the apostles after the resurrection, as it is told. He then ascended and sits on the right hand of the Father to return in glory. The Jews are still awaiting the coming of the messiah - king. This is what is taught in some circles not my words, scripture.
 If you ask the Ana baptist they will tell you Jesus is in your heart.
 If you ask the mystic they will say in your mind.
 If you ask the catholic they will say in the communion , bread and wine.
 If you ask some they will say the messiah has already returned in their holy man or leader.
 If you ask the hindu they will tell you Christ was just another representation of God perhaps an avatar.
 If you ask the buddhist , they will say Christ is a journey.
 If you ask the atheist they will say a story.
 If you ask the philosopher a story teller.
 If you ask the scientist he became another energy or force.

 Where is Christ now? This very moment. If Christ is present in all the multitude of churches and alliances formed in his name - where (2) or more are gathered in my name - I am there amongst them.
If Christ is a personal savior , he dwells in each believer. How can he then later return , the second coming - with all His angels to bring judgement upon the world? The same Jesus that said, while he was here I came not to judge but save the world. Perhaps he chose a few to save as some say, perhaps we all have the opportunity to accept the invitation of salvation- some say.
 OR - perhaps we are  all lost in our perceptions and just believe what the educated tell us. Educated by Yale or Harvard or some Ivy school - even more credible. Maybe if they attended a seminary or were in a monastery- more credible. Perhaps the more humble and quiet guru that looks homeless is more credible or the loud good looking charismatic evangelist in a suit.
 We have those who say Jesus left and will return , but he is really in their heart, in their church right now. Well what does the bible say - God is light, God is spirit , God is the Word - but then who is Christ and where is Christ now? Many will say they have the answer Christ is God, God is omniscient, omnipotent. I can tell you this Christ is not lost , we are.
 Someday you will come to the realization , God was always here. We put up the barriers , the veils and we can take them down. God will reveal the truth , Jesus came to bring Grace and Truth. I cannot speak to all these other claims of religion concerning Christ whereabouts.

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