Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Interfaith Crossing

 I was recently in a motorcycle accident - last Friday and in the trauma center recovering.  It happened on a winding road in Pennsylvania and not sure if it was a malfunction of the bike or my clicking of the gears. The vintage motorcycle was restored and over 18 years old was given to me. Unfortunately it will need to be scrapped after all the effort but fortunately my body survived the wreckage. Anyway, I was in the trauma center recovering from a midlife crisis moment and met a woman who was an interfaith minister. It was like meeting a sister the bond was almost immediate. We prayed briefly to the Father as the minister led the prayer and we basically prayed for healing and peace.
 This interfaith crossing was rare as she was the first interfaith minister that I had the chance to pray with. What interfaith is may be somewhat different to one being as it is to another. We talked about the uniqueness of each persons faith and character. We talked about Jesus and his perfect love. It was a crossing of minds but could just as easily been a Catholic priest, Methodist minister or Hindu guru. Our uniqueness does not diminish the power of prayer it only strengthens it.
 My guess by talking to this minister is that she may have come from a Jewish background and pursued interfaith. Regardless it was a good crossing of faith and communication. We sometimes get lost in a belief system and trying to name or bring God into our chosen template instead of just reaching out together in faith. I pray for all those who suffer in body and mind, for those seeking God in the spirit of truth needing comfort. I pray this world becomes a better place by our understanding of one another. That we have peace throughout the world and that extremist do not sway the believers into committing acts that are not of God. That we all learn to live together on this planet not just as religious persons but as humane persons. More importantly is that this peace that passes all understanding is obtainable, is near.


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