Thursday, September 20, 2012

What is a relic?

 I was recently in a hospice facility visiting a close friend an elderly woman that had been near death but her tenacity and will kept her alive. She was my adopted mother-in-law, my wife was raised by her and an uncle since she was three. I felt the need to spend the week with her in the hospice facility in prayer and company.
 As it was at least six catholic priests came to pray and visit , since she was once the cook and housekeeper at a local rectory. It was interesting how each had a different approach all were of various orders of priesthood. One asked me which parish I had belonged to and it was kind of an awkward moment. I am not a catholic by the catholic standard of catechisms and other upbringing but feel united in faith at a time when a loved one is in need. Joined them in prayer but when it was mentioned about bringing a relic it made me think about why some put their faith in such things.
 A relic often is a part of the body of a saint or an object that belonged to a saint. Since God is Spirit it did not seem scriptural to dabble in such things. Now it would seem more important to bring Love , Hope and Forgiveness than a relic. The priest I think was trying to bring something more tangible but really he already brought what was needed his presence and prayer. We are instruments of God's love and that is more powerful than any object. I cannot put my faith in relics and it is enough for me to trust in the power within. However I see relics exist in many religions and they seem to be also in the christian faiths. I also see some Christians that wear a cross or an image of a fish in jewelry. Some wear a collar or use a sash to show they are a clergy.
 Jesus never wore a collar while preaching and it seems that that tradition was man made some time later. Also I do not believe he ever said, wait here till I get a relic to heal you. Jesus only said by your faith you are healed or used a mere touch of human and divine kindness. Faith healing is not magical, it simply takes the will to be healthier. The body , mind and the spirit of the individual must be strengthened. Sometimes it takes nutrition or physical therapy, and a word of prayer to strengthen the spirit. We can sometimes over emphasis a mystical power but it is just a simple love bond between us that heals.
 Also wanted to add by the end of the week she was up and walking with the aide of a walker and celebrated her birthday today. God is good!
 The relic is not an instrument of God's love , we are.


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