Saturday, July 28, 2012

Joseph Priestly

 Growing up very near to the Priestly home in Northumberland county Pa and often passing by it wondering who he was. A deist and dissenting  christian believed God created the universe then just stepped away like a master clock maker would create a clock and just stand aside to admire it. He was a scientist who was accredited with the discovery of oxygen and identifying other gaseous elements. He was also authored the Institutes , a history of the corruptions of Christianity. Now also is accredited with the start of Unitarian beliefs. A favorite of Thomas Jefferson who read and concurred his beliefs to be similar to those of Priestly.
 In response to the Priestly argument on the non-intervening God, we have the Son - Christ who if we deny that God did not intervene sending His only begotten Son to be a sacrifice for humanity to bring both Grace and Truth to humanity is the very basis of Christianity. Though I do not judge free thinking on any level as that is the free will of every man and women to think as they may and digest their thoughts through their experience and surroundings. To say that God is non-intervening too distant from humanity to even care. When God cares for even the sparrow ,  God intervenes more often than most realize actually on a moment by moment basis.
 If the clock was in theory a clock it is certainly one that needs winding and synchronicity. The saints throughout time acting as stones are in communion with God to perform these functions. Our minds are not imposed on by God  but welcome to Gods voice and calling. For in this I believe and experience , therefore disagree with the notions of Priestly and Jefferson not disrespecting their contributions to humanity and science but only their discourses on religion.
 We have the Orthodox mind that can digest spirituality and the natural mind that can only digest thought within the natural realm. One that accepts miracles and an intervening God, the other rejects miracles and assume God to be non intervening. Why pray if God  has no intent to watch over creation,  I can feel the very vibrant though quiet voice of God every moment. This may seem contrary to some that await a return to faith or cannot grasp or digest the Orthodox view but I am definitely 100% sure Christ exists in the mystical form today - and performed the miracles in the Son , Jesus the Christ.
 We also must examine the words of Jesus Christ closely as they are the keys to our faith. Jesus prayed, he fasted, he cried and also lived out his humanity , withstanding suffering and did not try to change scripture but fulfill it.

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