Sunday, December 2, 2012

Be more careful

When I returned home from the trauma center my face was not completely healed , nose slightly out of place. My oldest grandsons  reaction was , Wow! My son with down syndrome just laughed guess he thought it was my clown face. My youngest grandson 3 years old more serious said, "Grandpa you have to be more careful. "
 The wisdom of a child , how practical and simple, be more careful. It has been over a week and my face is much better all of the gravel washed out with a couple scars that may be left. I thought to myself would life had been better if just being more careful about simple choices. Perhaps a couple less romances or a never trying to climb the cliffs or dive off them, drive a fast car or ride motorcycle in bad weather. Not sure but God tells us not to tempt fate and perhaps that wisdom could have been applied dozens of times over the years. Then hearing it from my grandson may be the last warning, it may have just as well been God's voice.
 We tempt fate when a person drinks and drives or even gets in the car with a drunk. We tempt fate when we take a man made drug even if it was prescribed over the counter and abused. We tempt fate when we let our feelings instead of our faith lead us. It is true over the years my body had endured many wrecks a few not my fault but some could have been avoided. Each time there was that oh no! right before the impact or in some cases oh God! A simple miscue or circumstance can change your entire life. The best advice a child can give - be more careful.

-Be safe for the holidays.

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