Saturday, May 19, 2012

Growing in Love

We humans tend to expand and shrink our social circles , due to the circumference of the circumstances.

This explains the social makeup of human nature , we are effected by circumstance including human social reasoning and yes- love. When our family is in need we will covet our food to feed them, when there is plenty it is often shared with the local community. This often relates to love and caring for others. In the ultimate survival ploy - we become alone . The circle completely collapsed to the church of one. Was this the plan that God had for humanity being subject to the circumstances of life , not growing beyond ourselves, our family, our community.

When we think of God's love - we think of love that is not effected by circumstance. Not self love or mere survival. Not just a love of family or community -yes, it must dwell in those circles also. To grow in God's love is to be willing to love even our enemies. To love even those who despite fully use us and endure the hardship without regret. Many times our charitable intentions are abused and we seem to want to get angry. I have been in this position it can be discouraging- we give expecting nothing in return and it is seen as annoying to the unbeliever. Like we are trying to be self righteous only God knows our intentions are to just be obedient to God's spirit.

We hear the songs and the sacraments teach us to let our light shine. This is divine love exceed your present circle and try to make it to the next. We hear lots of sermons on Gods love but how far does that love reach. Amazingly , I recently discovered it is inter dimensional. It reaches not only our world but beyond. We live on planet earth - God's love is spread throughout the universe. How great thou art Oh God!  to create such a celestial opus beyond our own.

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