Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanks for giving

 A special thanks for the American Indians for giving us insight and knowledge to get through the harsh realities the forest and the new world we now call America. Teaching the Europeans how to grow native foods , fertilize and cultivate them. Especially the harvest grains of corn and various vegetables. The herbs used for healing and the story tellers that gave us comfort like the parables of old.
 We often remember the pilgrims who came to this land but forget the millions of those that already inhabited the forest and used their canoes to navigate the rivers. When we think of the thousands that remain in the worst poverty on reservations we call them nations within our nation. All subject to a life of dependency on the US government. Millions died of small pox and other diseases this was the tragic reward for peace with the Europeans whose culture was to kill millions of buffalo and let them rot for their carcass.
 Yes - I am thankful for having a roof over my head and food but will remember the other cultures that were willing to share despite our religious indifference. I will remember the prayers of the Lakota and the people of the Wolf, Bear, Deer and Turtle. Having so much affinity to the land and the native wildlife. We are finding the storytellers had much to share around the camp fires , perhaps not written to papyrus but on cave walls. I am oft reminded that Jesus was also a story teller and never actually wrote a book. Perhaps he would have enjoyed the native Indians tribes and sharing a campfire story with them.

-peace and blessings.

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