Friday, August 10, 2012

The Corporeal or corporate world

 We often hear of being worldly or corporeal. Unfortunately it is the world in what much of Americana is about. Certainly we are patriotic and fight for freedom or do we really. I served my country in the military for eight years and also lived in the corporate world for 30 years. The military is protecting the interest of the corporate world and the corporations are formed for profit. There is no true liberty in the sense most of us expect. The corporate world a few at the top plan out their weekends of golf and pleasure while those at the bottom struggle sometimes working two jobs and those in the middle plan out their weekend work routine to finish out a 60 work hour week.  Repeating this week after week and year after year until their health gives out or they come to the realization there is another existence.
  The corporate world eventually traps you with temporal wealth and leaves you to escape to video games or save up for an expensive vacation that provides relaxation until it is over. You live in a godless society that is centered on wealth being the success and path to happiness. Yet - we see the children of the wealthy and most successful committing suicide  by drugs or alcohol, they have no other reality other than the one created by the corporeal sense of being.
 If we live a minimalist life style not totally devoid of all necessity but a balanced life, we will be much happier and less controlled by the corporate world. Forget keeping up with the Jones a metaphor often used, live a simple life and learn contentment of mind , body and spirit. Godliness with contentment is great gain - even more than wealth. I am all for prosperity but not as a ultimate goal. A healthy mind, body and spirit are first if prosperity follows then that is ok. The spiritual guide to riches is only a corporate underling and not the true faith. Not something you will find in most countries where capitalism is not preached.
 Perhaps that is why doctors are so prosperous, the mind and body eventually break down under such stresses and there is never time for spirituality. Please take a moment and prioritize your life - Christ first , in mind , body and spirit and do not get caught up in the corporeal world. In the book of 2 Corinthians we see how the apostle is teaching the church about the corporeal world and how it can rob you of happiness. We see it on the TV where it is constantly being fed into the mind, learn to control your environment - what enters your mind becomes your reality- let it be spiritual.
-peace and contentment.

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