Monday, July 9, 2012


 Where does doubt become a help and another form of doubt a hinderance. Doubt is linked to the faculties of the mind , in the objective mind it helps to formulate the filter for Truth. We can say that trust is even protected by doubt. The bible says trust no one , simply put a filter to protect your inner feelings. In the objective mind doubt is a helper.
 When we think of faith we think of the opposite of doubt to overcome doubt leads to faith. However the doubt we are speaking of is in the subjective mind. Subjective doubt is a hinderance where objective doubt a help or filter. Subjective doubt can be overcome once you reach beyond the veils of various self imposed limitations. When this happens a creative force is evolving in the mind, inspiration and imagination are released to new levels. We also can enter different evolutions of time and other realms that to the objective mind are not visible. Doubt no longer is a friend in the subjective space , we often need to meditate or contemplate to overcome it.
 Doubt has a purpose otherwise God would have not built it into our minds to begin with. There is a purpose and reason for everything under the sun. We should not be ashamed of objectivity as it exists to filter out lies and formulate the truth. Once we are in the subjective mindset it needs to be released to gain access to the creative forces that exist. We can pray with faith that is much different than just blurring out requests. It is in the subjective mind or spiritual mind that revelation takes place, visions or prophecy. These are not illusions or fantasy (vain imagination)  not to be confused with real faith that takes you into the places of understanding and spiritual gifts are found.
 All life has meaning but it needs to be willing to release the subjective doubt to find it. We learn the free will has control of the objective mind only, to live out God's will we need to be subjective also.
There is no one formula as each person is different but Jesus said in John 10:9.  "I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture."
Does this mean when we die we shall find peace , no it means now. I often find those waiting for the door to be open , they are waiting for the Lord to appear in the sky, however Jesus said, knock and the door shall be open.

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