Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 Desires are something that have often sent us along a crooked path. Would we still arrive at the ultimate destination with our desires intact? In the buddhist beliefs we should empty ourselves of desire, since it leads to suffering. I do agree in part with that but would add also that good desires must be also be planted to replace the weeds with flowers.

Desire for Peace:
 We are asked to love even our enemies ,  that kind of love is not a result of religion. Contrary to what some may believe religion does not bring love into the world. In fact a lot of the worlds wars are over a difference in religious beliefs. What is planted in ones heart must first be a desire for peace. Then a desire for love , Yes - it would be easy to sit effortlessly in a cave to find individual peace with no suffering, or on a mountaintop. Buddhists are finding that the world will eventually engulf them and they cannot stay hidden forever. It is better to grow the desire for peace even if it means making yourself known to the world. Suffering cannot be avoided if we pursue the desire for peace.

 In the Christian faith suffering for peace sake is acceptable. I do agree with the Buddhist that the cause of suffering is desire, but there is sometimes a need for good desire. There is a saying no good deed goes unpunished, I am not sure if it applies in karma but do know a lot of times it seems that way. I remember various times trying to do a good deed and found myself with a flat tire or wrecked car perhaps these would have happened anyway but in the good deed mode thought invincibility should be granted, ha  ha ! Do not be dismayed if you seem to be suffering for a cause it is par for the course. 

 God does promise to give us the desires of our heart but we are not invincible. We are in Grace , though some believe they are not subject to gravity or nature. Actually if you ask the Buddhist monk they have issues also. All fall short - it is our reaction to these shortcomings that makes the difference. What separates the Christian from others religions and the so called world is Grace. There are peaceful Christian sects that do not believe in going to war , but even the Buddhist realized it was necessary to defend oneself against an attack , uh (kung fu).

Do the Jews desire peace? Does the Muslim?  I think we all do deep inside but the desire must be there. Why they continue to fight each other for thousands of years makes the rest of us question the far left and far right of both of these world religions. Extremism is counter productive to peace on earth and can be found in all religions. Which is why I strongly belief in separation of church and state, especially in mixed cultures. I would ask a person who is religious if their desire is to promote peace or religion if the answer is clearly for peace they have the Truth, blessed are the peacemakers.

Desires for Change:
 I try to avoid politics but sometimes if we do not voice our views and let the far right or left have their way it will eventually come back on us or our children. A belief system does not mean giving up your opinion or common sense. We should be grateful for living in a democracy that gives a voice rather than being dictated to. We desire safe playgrounds for our children, and decent wages. Perhaps just basic food and shelter that is affordable. Being told how to dress or to follow laws that condemn a man for drinking a soda or coffee. A man or woman that builds faith or spiritual bridges does not mean they can build a real road or bridge to travel on. They each have a distinct purpose not to belittle one or the other.

 I honor Gandhi who was a Hindu but through peaceful revolution brought about change. He had a desire for change and was willing to suffer for it and even do it peacefully. We will probably see one Gandhi in a thousand years if we are lucky but there are many out there that share the same views. How many Christs will there be just one or many. I believe though one Jesus Christ, many actual persons with the nature of Christ. Even though Jesus came to bring peace we still see wars and division , so the desire for change continues whether a Hindu or a christian.

 Maybe your desires are not their desires or perhaps we need to set an example. Presenting an olive branch was often a sign of willingness or desire for peace. Peace can never be gotten by forcing a religion over another that Yes- teaches peace. Most wars do not end by force either , if so it is temporary, to have peace there must be a desire.

 Desires are not necessarily sin or contrary to inner and outer peace - good desire is needed for  healthy changes to society and to promote peace.

- amen.

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