Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quotes of Saint Eule

 >We humans tend to expand or shrink our social circles relative to the circumference of the circumstances.

 >The truth is like the stars often hidden by a cloud.

 >When we mix church and state, we crucify the common man.

 >Faith is a leap to higher ground, even a flea has mastered the art.

 >Gravity is explained in science, the grave in religion.

 >A holy man can open the gate, but only a shepherd can change their fate.

 >The heavens are a celestial opus, composed by a divine composer.

 >A democracy is a public playground where the common man has to pay to play.

 >The songbird sings during the day, in the darkness the cricket sings.

 >A village has many sons and daughters, a city is an orphanage.

 >A majestic illusion is that we exist to serve ourselves, until the master is in the house.

 >Whoever has the jug please return it full.

 >A man with a pain can be heard a mile away, a woman in labor can be heard in heaven.

 >Thank you are two welcome words.

 >A folly is often followed by judgement whether self imposed or by jurisdiction.

 >A fiddle never plays by the rules, A violin plays by the rules both are noteworthy.

 >A man in a hurry often forgets his purpose, a women often her purse.

 >A lemon is sour yet we put it in our sweet tea - just like a human to mix business with pleasure.

 >Why be in mourning for the righteous they are already in the stands cheering us on.

 >In school they spent a lot of time telling us what to think, instead of how to think- I wished they had spent more time on the latter.

 >What is ugliness by sight , is not always the consensus of all the senses.

 > My favorite book is you.

 > A stone is for gaining your footing while crossing a stream, not to be worshiped.

 > Clean air and pure water will be the commodity of the future as with anything in short supply.

 > In knowing nothing all wisdom is gained.

 > A virtual anything is not the same as a dream, a dream is a step into reality.

 > My grandmother Rose in her blindness, saw to all our needs.

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