Monday, April 18, 2011

The Two Arks

 Wait I thought there was just one ark, the one Noah built. If you read Genesis and the story of how the Ark was built , and how God instructed him to gather the animals and seven and seven clean of certain animals and seven  , two unclean of certain animals. What was the meaning of this why would God save anything unclean. Why not just leave behind the unclean and create a perfect world anew. I have thought of this deeply and believe God showed compassion as an example of how we are to treat handicapped, the gay, the hunchback, those that are different from the rest of society and made a special place for them also.

 Wait you said there was another Ark, Yes -the Ark of Zoroaster which was written 1200 BC or thereabouts. In this Ark story no unclean thing was allowed. The hunchback, the gay , the barren, the blemished were all left behind. Remarkable a totally different view point one called the Aryan way or very much like the way you see many hate groups today think and also taught in some churches, yes -christian churches. Adolph Hitler was their benefactor and it lead to the death of many jews and in modern day the persecution of gay persons. This Aryan Ark and belief is something that cultivated itself by deception. For every good thing there is a forgery or copy in the spiritual world of evil. Even the Ark , just like money is often forged so is spirituality. Anyone can put up a sign and say open for business - new church. Beware of the phonies if they do not teach Love, Hope and Forgiveness leading to Word , Thought and Deed. They may just want your money or worse your soul.

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