Friday, April 8, 2011

Pea in the pod

 Often a pea the pod is referred to as a baby in the mothers belly. I speak of a pea in the pod as being a Christian that makes a church his religion. A pew warmer that has never grown in faith. They can spend years belonging to a denomination , usually a large body and put themselves at rest thinking the pod will get them to God. Actually missing any true personal relationship with Christ or experiencing the Holy Spirit. It is somewhat a social club to them and it may even lead to humanitarian efforts or an elder position in the church. They are the ones 3 feet away from heaven , when Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is within you.
 You must ask yourself as a Christian are you a pea in the pod or taking part in the fruits of the Holy Spirit. A pea in the pod may have good intentions but miss out on the whole purpose of our creation which is personal communication with God. They may lift up their pastor or priest but not Christ. The Holy Spirit was sent to glorify Jesus Christ not an assembly or minister or ourselves. If you bring glory to Christ you will be filled with the Holy Spirit. You will bear fruit that is pleasing to God and not just be a pea in the pod.

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