Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gods portfolio

 In a time where most people check the DOW JONES, NASDAQ, Nikkei and EURO markets daily but say their prayers weekly, it would be interesting to know Gods portfolio. Of course maybe He is not so much interested in money as some churches would have you think. Counting the weekly offerings and trying to determine if the right messages are sent out based on the count. They misinterpret Gods glory as actually meaning money, but Jesus himself examining a roman coin said , render unto Caesar the things are are Caesars and the things that are Gods belong to God.
 What kind of portfolio does God have then if not invested in coin. My brothers and sisters God has a diversified portfolio, being the Creator and Wiser than all of us can imagine. He chose to diversify in a unique way. When he sent the Holy Spirit unto mankind , he made all believers a part of his portfolio.
Was this always the way God invested, Yes. He always invested in faith, the just shall live by faith. He
sent his Hoy Spirit to build our faith. I will tell you not all christians are poor but that is not a sign of lack of faith. Faith is just not just imparted to the rich but to all believers. I will remember the parable of not hiding your gifts under a basket as the three sons went forth to invest or choose not to taught by Jesus.
 When the Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus to all men it was a major diversification, it meant that not just a few the prophets or holy men but many millions would receive this blessing. This is why I discount some christian teachings that only a few will make it to heaven, they use the verse many are called but few were chosen. Many were called to preach the word but few were chosen but we are not all preachers. It is Gods desire to bring all people onto Him, many will dissent and some will not hear but his plan is to reach as many living souls as possible. A greatly diversified portfolio if you think about it , we sometimes forget why the Holy Spirit was sent. To comfort the believer to empower the believer and to teach us. Would you belong to Gods portfolio or invest yourself in a life that has no purpose or meaning.
Even the rich in this life would give up all to have a single share in Gods portfolio in the end.

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