Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When to Let Go and When to Hold On.

 I guess we all have driven by a house that had the front yard all full of junk , the front porch - the back yard. There was actually someone living there and No, it was not a yard sale. My guess it would take a couple tractor trailers to just haul away that junk or was it junk? To the person who lived there obviously it had some value whether intrinsic or monetary, memorable or useful. I hardly can judge but it really seemed strange to me. We can all be pack rats , I have a lot of old hardware laying around the garage just in case stuff , something may need repair or want to build something with it -yeah right. I have a bicycle that is over 30 years old , I still ride - my son tried to throw it away once. I pulled it out of the dumpster and scolded him. It was a solid aluminum frame and wheels not a spot of rust and I just would not part with it.
 So, we are just talking about stuff , things . Now lets talk about people , ha! ha! let's get down to gritty. When do we let go, I let go when I feel not needed. Whats wrong with not being needed unfortunately everything. When someone else moves in and takes your spot, or God forbid you get bored. I find it in tolerable to be looked down upon. Yet - how can I be truthful and not say the person with all that junk around their house , did I not look down upon. Would it take a minute for me to say hello, and maybe help that person, listen for awhile. Maybe that junk is not the problem, they could have  deeper issue and just need a friend. We can always help cleanup later perhaps they will just tell me to mind my own business and then I will.
 So , when do we hold on. I have been married for over 30 years to a wonderful lady who rarely complains and always treats me with respect and love. God forbid I will ever be bored because you never know what daily adventure will come. When I met her we enjoyed each others humor, I guess it takes a little humor to endure life. She always got up in the morning to see me off to work and greeted me when I came home. Hold on there is more she was catholic and I was protestant. My family and friends , her family and friends said it would never last. My parents were strict reformed protestant , hers were strict irish catholic. Her mother had pictures of priests on the wall bigger than the family photos.
We surprised them all because religion is not everything - Love, Hope and Forgiveness is how we lived.
 We always shared our feelings and never stayed angry. Eventually our families came around and we even grew our own family. We still believe in our separate faiths and yet have more in common than religion could ever bring. I cherish the time we spent together traveling , being with our grand children.
We never got rusty and will always hold on, do not base your feelings on religion. Always be truthful and hold on for the ride.


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