Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gravity and the Grave

 We all know that science as taught in our schools is theory that was proven. Isaac Newton a great scientist whose biggest scientific claim was discovery of gravity. Isaac was considered to be one of the most influential thinkers of his time, physicist,mathematicianastronomernatural philosopheralchemist, and theologianI want to explore more on his theory of gravity , Isaac was supposedly inspired by this while watching an apple fall from a tree. Imagine  how his mind worked constantly in observation, how many apples have fallen from trees unnoticed. Yet , he was to derive an entire scientific principle in that observation. 
 Isaac continued his life's journey in observation he observed the stars, nature and Yes he was a theologian who believed in God. How can you observe , spend a lifetime in observation and not believe. I would like to now go back to the apple that fell to the ground. I am going to pick up that apple and with all my might throw it back into the sky. The apple will go upward about 35 - 50 feet and then it will return to the earth. So what ? Anti-gravity , nature let go of the apple and it fell but I sent  the apple in an upward direction 35-50 feet if I had more strength it may have gone 55 feet. We can go against nature but nature always wins, the apple will always return to the ground. Anti-gravity although it seems to work is only temporary, we as men with all our might cannot change the laws of nature. 
 Isaac believed in God, he was not a believer because it was ingrained as a child. Isaac let go of all human understanding and developed his own understanding through observation. The importance of this is first hand knowledge is best. We need to observe for ourselves and come to conclusions these are the truths that will hold fast. I can read a hundred books all about mens thoughts and might but the ones that excite me are the books that I can relate to. I think that is what happens when we read the bible. When I read the bible for the first time could not put it down. Eventually I just fell asleep from exhaustion still reading it in my sleep. Why did it have that effect on me , perhaps first hand I was getting to know God, by his Word. All this time I was struggling in anti-gravity and not going with the truth. Not by my might  but by Gods might can we change our lives and become to know Gods nature. Gods nature is Love, Hope and Forgiveness. 
 I am trying hard to spare you a lot of heartache, if you think of all the misery you have gone through , the sore arm trying to throw that apple back into the sky living the life of the anti-christ, trying to use your anti-gravity. Think about it - I am a creative being of original thought only because I choose to study the Creator. I must not only study the Creator but allow the Holy Spirit to guide me, so I can understand his divine nature. Nature always wins and that includes Gods divine nature as Jesus lived, as many of the saints have lived who followed him.
 The Grave , what we can be sure of is we will all return to dust. The grave will eventually claim us all. My that sounds gruesome , why think about it. Think about this of all the tombs of all the religious and mystical teachers only one tomb was found empty , the tomb of Jesus the Christ. The blessed Hope , that is something to think about. I would want to say even this he showed the nail prints to others walked about before returning to his place in heaven. The earth shook the coverings in the tabernacle of the jews to the holy of holies shredded at that very moment. All this was set in motion as Christ fully committed himself unto the Father, his last sentences were Father forgive them, and this day you shall be with me in paradise. Spoken to the world and to the believer.

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