Thursday, April 21, 2011


 Seeing the fallen soldiers in battle , the patient who is waiting for a cure. Whether fighting for liberty or our very lives Bravery is not boldness or destitution. Bravery is not unconditional surrender or giving in without a battle. As in war Bravery is a life fought , a fortitude of Hope.
 We cannot be brave unless we are tested, it is the final proof the seal of honor. Many tested rest in peace knowing that they have above all things ephemeral have claimed the victory to be counted among the Brave. Life as we know it is precious and many the years will pass in time many will be forgotten but the Brave are always remembered.
  Selah is a word in the hebrew which some in a choir know as a pause in a song, some say it is a measure, it is often the word spoken before the amen. In the last days of time when all are  singing angels and men together Holy unto the Lord almighty just before the final amen, will come a pause- the selah. The saints of God , the brave will march in some shielded in armor , some in white robes, they will gather before the Lord and will shout all honor and glory be unto God. The angels will join in singing once more and the righteous will lay before God praising him, saying hosanna unto the Lord. The Brave will lay their treasures at the Lords feet. Then they will be counted among the righteous, forever throughout eternity.

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