Sunday, April 3, 2011


Karma - This is not a religion or a belief but a spiritual law. The law of reaping what you sow is not just hindu it is universal law. Therefore karma is reality - you get out of life what you put in. If we constantly complain -we will receive  a lot of things to complain about. If we are joyful then life will be bring us joy. There are a lot of inspirational songs , writings and poetry that can lift us up from despair if we choose those thoughts. How can I choose thoughts, first be master of your own mind- choose positive results. Watch out for the doubters and what I will call peas in the pod. They will befriend you only to have you give an ear to their misery.
 Hinduism is an ancient religion which has some rules that are proven scientific and spiritual. The tales of a myriad of gods  all variations of the One God. As a method of dealing with deep feelings of love or expression a new perception of God would be created. Some followers  had practices of fasting and extreme physical self punishment to achieve layers of faith.  I realize that a lot of good comes out of hinduism. Yoga, clean living and karma all are attributed to this colorful religion. I respect the holy gurus of their faith and search of truth. Buddhism and Hinduism do not claim to be religions but philosophies as to avoid any contentions with religion, to me anything that involves worship is a religion. Even the buddha tried for many years to achieve enlightenment through some of these practices. Who am I to sit in judgement of the hindu faith, they actually believe in the same principle of Word, Thought and Deed as I do. The difference being that God has since revealed His nature in Christ.
 I will contend that buddha realized he would need to not isolate himself from his family and friends in the end , enlightenment came from facing the demons and grounding himself to the earth. Not escaping reality but confronting it therefore balancing out reality and the spiritual world of good and evil. He was himself worshipped even though it was not his desire. He merely wanted to share the journey. Buddha was libre abaci in his time and abhorred religion, teaching only what he experienced first hand , and for that I respect the journey. 
 It is important to note God put us here in this place and time, if it were his will to put us  thousands of years ago at buddha's time or of the time hinduism was popular , he would have done so. We are put here as a stone in our time to find our own journey with what science and spiritual evolution that we are in today. I avoid ancient religion as the sole basis of my journey for that reason, often we can learn from them though. 
 It may seem funny but in journey , my wife and I both tried Kung fu , Yoga and enjoyed the physical aspects and health benefits, some of these should be a part of Christian living, as we are a temple for the Holy Spirit and he wants us healthy.

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