Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dogma and Depression

Dogma and Depression - Dogma and depression exist not only in the world but believe it or not in the Christian church. How is this possible a church that teaches spirituality and faith have within their walls these faults. The answer lies again in the mans keeping the Holy Spirit out of the equation. First we think we are wiser than we are, we think that we are the creator and forget that we are creation. We get excited after a miracle and then when we are asked to walk by faith get depressed. The just shall live by faith not by miracles. When Jesus was tempted by satan he was asked to turn a stone into bread. He refused the miracle because knowing that it would set the precedence of believers looking to the miracle and not on God. We were created for the purpose of communication with God not to be entertained. My experience with dogma has left me churchless for periods during my life , things just did not seem right. It was not the devil it was the church. When a church feels they must threaten us with hell or ex communication, and heresy, what a pea in the pod religion. What happened to Love , Hope and Forgiveness leading to Word , Thought and Deed. 
 Also  if someone new in Christ makes an attempt to belong - reach out to them with all the compassion you can muster. Do not belittle them they are simply trying to begin the journey like a babe trying to walk for the first time they may fall to the floor pick them up. If others in the church seem to lose interest in the new face , you should persevere.
Do not just get caught in a click with the elders or saints - God will bless you for your effort.
  I have been a victim of dogma , if someone does not know what true faith is or cannot grasp the Holy Spirit , they will try to interpret scripture to their advantage or use an early scholars writing Calvin, Luther , Wesley  or whomever to try to sway your faith. These are all great theologians and anointed by the holy spirit  but they are also men. They dispute even themselves. The Holy Spirit is not the author of confusion - you need to have him as your personal guide otherwise get lost in the dogma. I love Martin Luther and his teachings what reform he brought and Calvin was a scholar of prophecy unmatched by none. Wesley taught us  Gods grace and about justification. I say they were the stones of their time libre abaci. 
 The apostles who lead us into the faith and eventually a Catholic church formed. They were libre abaci many old saints were martyred for their christian beliefs , we cannot hate Mary , the early apostles , and the various order of monks Augustines etc. because we are reformed. They were the stones in their time libre abaci the early saints of God. Mother Thersea all the work she did in india and other places blessed with more compassion than we can imagine by her faith in Christ, why would we not as christian return that love to her. Preaching is the foolishness of men but nonetheless the method God chose to lead others to salvation. What of great preachers who brought about revival and outpouring of the spirit. Charles Moody, Billy Graham many more great preachers I will submit this again they were just men. We need to invite the Holy Spirit into our lives and be the stone in time , not rely on men.

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