Sunday, April 3, 2011

Christianity today

Christianity today - Catholic , Lutheran , Methodist , Baptist , Pentecostal , Anglican , Wesleyan, Apostolic , Holiness   , or Independent or New age many many more all claiming Christ. Who is right or wrong all have their roots in Christ - I choose not to get caught up in the variations of claimants. Love , Hope and Forgiveness leading to Word, Thought and Deed this is my only creed. Jesus himself was misunderstood among the jews in his time. Why would the present be any different. My belief is first hand knowledge is best, second hand is the rest. Faith rests with the believer, they may have been brought up in a local church that I will call their resting place. They are content in being - and godliness with contentment is great gain. I choose not to argue with someone of a different view point it is useless. I even refuse to argue between other religious entities, because religion is not the point. Faith is what matters building it takes the help of the Holy Spirit. I contend not to contend but to look at the results of good intentions gone wrong. By their fruits you shall know them is my only measure. If a belief brings hate, prejudice and not joy and mercy it is not of the true faith. 

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