Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Songbird

 The songbird is what wakes me in the morning, it is relaxing to hear. At night the cricket plays his fiddle knowing the bird is at rest. It is said, the music of the song bird is relaxing even to a child as he is prepared to receive a vaccination or needle. The Japanese prize their songbirds and treat them as family often taking them for walks in the park.
 Matthew 10:24-31 is one of my favorite verses in the christian bible. It explains how God keeps his eye on the sparrow, how much more does he keep his eye on us. Often we forget his all encompassing presence not just in church but in our back yard. I have always been a big fan of Mahalia Jackson - my two favorites are What a friend we have in Jesus and His eye is on the sparrow, she always seem to express my  same feelings.
 At night we often hear the cricket, I think of the diversity in nature each tiny creature singing and playing music. The cricket  makes a joyful noise at night , to some it may seem annoying but I enjoy this little guy. The insects in nature often can teach us things if we study them. We see the firefly and how magical they seem like fairies in the night time catching the hearts of our children. The bee how they pollenate the flowers and serve an important role in nature.
 I will say each day when waking hearing the songbirds sing it tells me the end of time has not yet come and the air is still breathable. The spider is even an amazing creature , how they can create a web often swinging back and forth on a single strand. We used to catch large cane spiders and place them on the wall in Hawaii for insect control without useing toxic chemicals.
 It is important we take time to not get to caught up in society and appreciate the little worlds around us. I  attached a link to His eye is on the sparrow by Mahalia. Who was herself a Songbird of inspiration.


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  3. Thanks for sharing, I love that sparrow song.


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