Monday, April 18, 2011

American Indian and Aboriginal studies

 I always admired the American Indian and Aboriginal people of Australia , Canada and Africa to mention a few. They developed in nature , hunting for game and fishing for food. It amazed me how they treated each other as brothers and sisters and their love for each tribe member. I have read the books of the Lakota and other Aboriginal writings and they describe the Great Mystery. When I think of how the drums of Africa and the drums of american indians all have a spiritual and communicative purpose. I believe God revealed himself to these people in the same way more cultured societies received spiritual knowledge. They often would talk of the creator , the Son and the Holy Spirit with no knowledge of the bible.
 I think modern society encroached upon them with disease and looked down upon them, actually they could have taught us something and we are just beginning to realize this. God created the earth and the natural realm, they were true to the Creator by living in harmony with that realm. We on the other hand pollute , destroy and take more than we need. They are the hunters and we are the gatherers, a hunter takes only what he needs a gatherer takes all that he can.
 I was once on a deserted island with just a few people , there were no stores or television, radio and experienced some of the same feelings. We always greeted each other and when alone I prayed not having a minister to preach the word, I relied totally on the Holy Spirit. The reason I mentioned this is because the pollution in the earth can also take place in the spiritual realm. A peaceful loving people can be turned to aggression when their faith is attacked. They probably knew of the creator and of God thousands of years before modern man had written the bible or any scriptural books. They just taught through the use of stories around the campfire and beating the drums from generation to generation. How naive we are to think we discovered God, almost like we discovered America when people were already there.
 Praise God and forgive us for our pride. I respect the people of the forest in the Amazon , the Aboriginal peoples of the world who were not polluted by the gatherers. They have many accepted Christ because some already had a knowledge of Him revealed by their prophets just as the jews had prophets that predicted a messiah. A proof yet that God is universal and his Love is everywhere. When people seek Hope they usually will find a spiritual communication with God. I do believe in missionary work as to bring the teaching of forgiveness and salvation. They should not infringe however on the current brotherly love and try to replace the existing culture with one less in tune with nature.

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