Sunday, April 17, 2011

Compass and compassion

 This is not just a play on words as a poet , I believe with all my heart , mind and being. God is  compassionate. I also believe he sends His angels to the compassionate  like a bee to the flower. In a world where so many are lost , the compass was a tool used to navigate the seas. The compass I speak of is Gods divine nature as revealed in christ. We must also give instruction onto how to use a compass , it is actually a very simple device yet can guide us through oceans where no visible signs or light is. It is made of a stylus and a drawing device and usually a scale for measurement.
 Where do we point the stylus - where do we draw, what measurements. The stylus is pointed at you - the kingdom of God is with in you, today in the present. The drawing end is pointed outward in a circular motion in the past and future. The measure is compassion what measure of compassion we show toward others is what will be shown to us. Drawing these circles depends on your faith if it only reaches your family the circle is smaller , if it reaches the community larger, the nation even larger, the world -wow!
With compassion often comes sorrow, I cannot explain this but one of the most famous verses about Jesus is Jesus wept. I will often say Love, Hope and Forgiveness leads to Word , Thought and Deed. God will give compassion to the believer to produce Word , Thought and Deed. By their fruits you will know them and good deeds will follow the christian. Though it may seem too simple , a compass is a simple tool. We often speak of a morale compass in living a holy life. I believe holiness is devotion and Thought is a resultant  Word, Thought and Deed.

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