Sunday, December 6, 2015

The holes and the holy

We hear a lot about holy this or holy that. I can tell you what is holy ground to one sect is not always holy to another. What you consider holy may not be important at all to another religion. Because we pervade through religion what holiness is. It is more of a respect for a belief that holiness arise it has nothing whatsoever to do with the truth.

What is more important and what you should be focusing on is the holes.

Holier than though is a bad attitude.... Holy, holier and holiest -- most holy where does this end its all nonsense.

The hole is important , the need.

We describe electrons flowing to produce electricity. Then when electronics came into being , solid state devices were created the science discovered the electrons were not flowing ... the holes were moving. Outside forces may be moving as energy , where in our own sensitive structure we find our needs or holes are moving.

What we should understand is the need or hole  moving. The universe is made up of matter and more importantly holes. Once a void is created , it will be filled for certain and perhaps another void will be created. In Genesis the whole purpose of the created universe was a void existed darkness and emptiness , the there was light and life began filling all the holes, God saw it was good.

If you believe you know everything , there will be no room for anything. The energy comes and goes some is static and is released, some dynamic in motion. When we find the need within ourselves and others the spirit will move to fill the need.

What is more important the question or the answer? I would say the question is more important, the answer is already there. Answers are everywhere , you may only ask one question and perhaps 20 students will give an answer, some may be different answers ha ha. The question remains and is consistent.

We can take a theory and it may work for many years , perhaps until a better one comes along. Answers can change even over time , so the answer is not the truth. The truth is in the question, the void.  Look for a need a hole and fill it, God will bless you.

So where does creative power come from? the Question. The question sends you on a quest. The quest causes you to create a path, the path becomes a way. When you follow the way to the truth , you have created. To be or not to be that is the question. Or we can look at this algebraically and say the question is the state of being.

We have opinions and we have answers and we have the truth. How do we filter through all the bullshit to get to the truth. With better questions , ask the right questions. Unfortunately a person is often graded on the answers , they can memorize them and get good grades. The real creative intelligence comes from the better questions.

The method Buddha used to practice is to give different answers to the same question to different students. Sounds inconsistent however the Buddha was more concerned with the need than the answer. Jesus said "ask and you shall receive".

? is the most important character on the keyboard.




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