Saturday, May 30, 2015


Is non belief (atheism) actually a system?

Realism is a pertinent factor in atheism. I found a lot of atheist like to play computer games as a distraction from reality.

Why do we need a distraction from reality at all?
Even the atheist have dreams. We find that our perception of the physical world can often wear us out or a relationship may be disrupted. A marriage or relationship being disrupted can cause a person harm.

I do admire one aspect of atheism - responsibility for action. To me we are responsible for the changes in humanity. The only difference in knowing divine love is a part of my reality.

The atheist do not worship idols and many believe in a moral code. The atheist have not ascribed to religion however many do ascribe to psychology or philosophy. As we know there are as many versions of psychology or philosophy as there are any religion. So even the path of atheism is not a clear path.

We all see through a glass darkly and a lot of life is perception. The atheist usually will go to a hospital or seek the help of a counselor or psychologist when their reality is in distress.

To hate someone because of being an atheist is no different than any other racial or other form of discrimination. Atheist do have children and many do belong to clubs or other organizations. I have a son who from a small child did not want to be involved with religion or any organization associated with religion. I did not force my beliefs upon him or make him attend a church.

I think we need atheist to keep us from going over the deep end. We also need those willing to go to the deep end to find out what is there.

In the end it is not about imposing our beliefs on another person. That we are each unique and not programmed like machines is what makes us human. To find a higher source of love is what makes us believers.



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