Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Gift

One question that often comes up is did God create the world for himself or for us?

Are we here for the pleasure of a divine being like fish in an aquarium? Are we merely pawns in a game?

First after many years found out that creation is an act of love. Creation and life itself is not a game - it is a gift. We can say life is a gift of love. We may choose to experience this life as a gift of love or make it into a game. I do not believe it was intended to be a game where there are winners and losers. Are some are here for the benefit of an elite group? These type of conspiracy theories, UFO's , Aliens can seem to say humanity is a controlled environment like an aquarium. That we are controlled by alien beings or ghosts or any power outside our own minds is just fear mongering.

We have been given this gift called life and also the gift of the power of change. I would not be selfish to say we are just receivers of gifts. The gift is to be returned with gratitude. It is a life of receiving and giving. As freely as you have received also do give.

Does evil exist? Is it a struggle between angels and demons? I found that this type of fear is often imposed by religious archetypes. I have experienced spiritual forces and overcome them , simply put that we are to overcome such beliefs. When first in my journey such things did exist as no longer allowed evil to exist it did not. We let evil exist as a concept, we allow dark forces to be present. My reality evolved to going toward light not trying to escape darkness.

Are they the same thing escaping darkness and going toward light. No - they are different escaping from darkness is a life of fear. Going toward the light is a life of love.

Enlightenment is being in the light of love , accepting the gift of creation and being in harmony with that gift. I believe the Christian path can lead to enlightenment ,  is there also elements of fear in the dogma. I think there is both fear and love in the christian elements. It bothers me to say this that some are only moved by fear. I would reason that eventually it will lead to love.

In many belief systems including Buddhism there are levels of hell. In the Torah I do not find demons emphasized however they were used by Solomon to subdue his enemies. Did Solomon create them as a fear to use against his enemies. Or did Solomon recognize a weakness that could be utilized a tool of fear. I think it was the latter. Yes- fear can be a powerful weapon or a tool of control.

The gift was not fear it was love and creation.



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