Saturday, April 11, 2015


O Allah purify my heart from anything but You - Islam.

You will find many references to the heart within Islam. Actually it is the main message of Islam which is why it is so beautiful.

Then why are so many being killed in the name of Islam?
Islamic terrorist are even killing other Islamic people. What happen to the unconditional love of the heart?

We find in Christianity the good shepherd Jesus is to be in the heart.
We find in Hinduism the Heart Chakra , the place of unconditional love.

If they are so similar why is there so much hate.
Most religions start out with a revelation of the heart. Later we have have scriptures that are written.

The prophets often do not write books of any kind, the books are written by scribes. Heart to heart it would make perfect sense in each case. These scriptures can be left to the interpretation of the priests or mullahs or anyone with authority in each case. That is why we have so much division within even the Islam community. There is division amongst Jews and Christians also. Jews have gone to war against each other since the beginning,  Christians have historically been the most atrocious in religious wars- it is nothing new.

How can we avoid religious bloodshed and hatred?

Return to the true source the matters of the heart.  The literature that was meant to be an aide has taken over the matters of the heart. Sometimes those in authority will use the literature to their own devices.

There are zealots in every religion. Religion is often used as a motivator and a way to unite against a real source of oppression. We are seeing in many areas where the very rich have oppressed the people that Islam is a welcome message. Is this just a struggle against oppression with a religious vehicle? For now and always.

My favorite book is YOU.

Peace to all,


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