Sunday, November 8, 2015


Energy has a lot to do with religion as the ancient religions of Greece and Rome often viewed energy as gods. The god of lightning Zeus was an example of the immense static energies released that could produce enormous damage deserving respect. The god of the sea Neptune could reduce a small fishing village to rubble. Then we have Odin and Thor from Norse mythology. We find energy has had it's place in mythology throughout history.

Beginning first with the harnessing of fire to keep warm , cook food and for protection. The earth, wind , fire and water all have been attributed to myths explaining energy. We have (2) basic types of energy static and dynamic.

Dynamic energies are often described as angels or demons. They are given similar caricature as gods except in lesser forms. Do angels and demons really exist outside of caricature? As there are natural forces, there are also super natural forces. They often take on caricature as our mind perceives theses forces. Negative energy was harnessed by king Solomon to build his palace we are told. We also see there are positive energies throughout mankind showing up on occasion during major events.

The use and harnessing of energy is what separates us from animals. Are we in control of energy or is energy in control of us?

It appears to be a co-existent relationship.

We are stewards of this power of change called energy. Whether it is wind, fire or at the atomic level. Whether we as stewards realize this gift, it is in fact a gift. The dynamic energy which Solomon utilized could have been electromechanical or magnetic. We only know this energy was referred to as demons. Our understanding always used caricature and put a face on the power of energy. We used caricature to express our emotions , our fears also.

Is energy the same as spirit? We find that new age and esoteric religions use terms such as life force or borrow some of the Hindu teachings in yoga forms. We find in the New Age teachings those similar to Hinduism that energy is channeled through the body through various chakra points.

The difference between just energy and the Spirit is having a teacher that comforts us and empowers us in our daily lives. The Holy Spirit is a more personal than just a force of energy.



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