Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mind Science

I have read many of the mind science writings especially of the christian venue and some Hindu.
We can find many inspiring writing amongst the mind science teachers. As a mystic you would think that the mind would be my central focus. It is important to understand the teachings of the great masters. It will surprise you though my focus is on the heart.

The religious mindset is about answers and many of the internet personalities seemed to have answers. There is a new trend of these internet gurus that have fragments of these teaching and some of it sounds good. My spirit does not always bear witness with the answers , partly because they are trying to explain things to appease the mind. The same is with philosophy which tries to satisfy the mind with questions. There are many good philosophers and they can quiet the mind by removing the desire or asking another question.

Heart science would be a good study only not many would be interested in examining the heart. What does the heart have to offer?

The kingdom of heaven is within you --- where? your heart.
You must be as a child does not mean gullible. It means to have the heart of a child.
Heart is about attitude , it is about love.  The mind can only store what it receives and compute from it. The heart is where the journey begins and ends.

In reading holy books we are told not to lean to our understanding and this means using the mind. We are to use the heart which is pure. Minds can vary from one to another ,  the oneness is found in the heart of humanity.

Preparing for prayer does not involve the mind or a fancy set of words, even a mantra. If only to repeat words that condition our attitude. Silent prayer is sometime the most effective. Mystics are not always teachers as some may reason, they are not always the most intelligent. The mystic life is about the heart , learning to love deeper not think deeper. The philosopher is the thinker , the religious man the practitioner and the mystic the lover.

Often I say inner peace is all that matters, this is related to the heart.

All my heart,


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