Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mind Drugs

Scientist are discovering that the human brain can produce every medicine and is chemically complete. That means the brain has the ability to heal pain chemically and probably most diseases.

Why doesn't the system work?
We have the chemistry , the ability and the receptors.

The fact is the system does work. Most diseases are controlled without us knowing it and this includes pain.

It is a known fact that blocked arteries seek other paths to distribute oxygen and blood to the body. The brain is self repairing when an minor injury occurs. Some of this takes time and sometimes we hinder the healing process by taking inhibiting substances that set off balance.

Balance is important to healing. Drugs we receive by prescription merely help us to maintain balance or speed up an already existing system. Stress is the main obstacle to balance in our healing system.

There is another way that is more natural called rest and relaxation. We can also include meditation in the column with relaxation. We can also learn techniques as the yogis have to help distribute oxygen to the body including the brain.

Is faith healing real - absolutely. It is not the people falling over after being prayed for , it is the person that practices daily breathing and getting the brain to relax.  We find the best medicine is at a fully relaxed state free from stress. The brain has micro pharmacies within it that release natural chemicals and this has nothing to do with religion. We do do find that religion may help in the process - just like a placebo can set off the production of these chemicals.

We are endowed with more powerful medicines than can be found in a hundred Amazons or labs. Mind Drugs are an untouched science that will be the next revolution in health science. We will find some are able to produce these better than others and perhaps can be donors. There are natural substances produced by our bodies that can heal others.

I believe the Methuselah and Noah of old lived to be ripe old ages because their systems worked perfectly in their bodies. They we able to control these mind labs by being in balance with nature. We today can do the same by unblocking passages and awaking parts of the brain. As you will find it takes practice and commitment to learning techniques lost in time.

One of the techniques is re-directing energy from one part of the brain to another. There are two ways which will share.

1.  Pray for healing.  I believe in divine healing.

2.  Speech and language.
Almost a third of the brain is used to interpret speech and language. You can use a silent technique of being still , you will find a quiet spot. After you have found the place - start quieting the mind. Whether you realize it or not we all have residual speech patterns that continue in self conversation. Learn to center upon your heart and release the mind. The most frequently prescribed cure is rest.

3. Polarity training. Think of hot and cold, high and low, forward and backward . Think of all the possible opposites then pause do this several times. What will happen is your brain will not be able to process after  a while from the left side and will have to engage the right side for assistance. This is called yoking ( not joking). The right side of the brain will engage other processes to produce healing chemicals. You may actually feel your head getting warm then cool.

4. Facial massage is excellent therapy.

Spatial and balance comes from the forehead or frontal area. It presses around the face to the chin. Every facial muscles from a smile to a frown or what causes wrinkles is from the frontal lobe. You become worried when you lose a sense of direction it effects your facial expression. You can picture the famous statue of the thinker with his hand under the chin. Deep thinking involves the face from the chin to the top of the forehead. Practice putting your hand under your chin , raising and lowering the eyebrows, then frown and smile. Use your facial muscles to keep them from sagging and wrinkles.  Breath through the nose. Use facial cremes that unblock pores.

5. See a medical doctor or one that practices natural healing. Actually a doctor can only prescribe medicines to bring about balance , there is no guarantee they will work. The body system itself is the healer. We are finding more recently immune deficiency is making it very hard to maintain this balance. If a person cannot be healed by standard techniques they should be allowed to take whatever comfort means are necessary whether a plant or other stimulus.

6. Environment outside air or water. Inside stress or energy blockage.

Peace and Joy,


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