Sunday, November 8, 2015

Abstract versus Logic

The Logical mind is viewed by Plato as being the chariot that oversees the white horse and the dark horse.

In the Abstract mind we find hypothesis where various theories are thought out until a logical conclusion is reached. So really the Abstract mind is a one where new ideas are created. Imagery and art are often used in the abstract thought process.

Where the Logical mind takes preexisting concepts and ideas and utilizes them such as used in engineering. The Abstract mind is more creative than constructive.

Where do we find the source of creativity - it  is often compelled by imagination. As imagery and art are utilized to create new ideas the abstract view may appear to be out of place to the logical mind. Picasso was one of the greatest abstract thinkers of our time and also a catholic. He started out with a pencil and then painting his way to greatness. A typical painting will sell for millions at prestigious art auctions.

Picasso had love affairs and periods of inspiration from Africa. We find some of his most famous paintings were inspired during his African period. We also find that a lot of abstract thinking was found in African art.

So did abstract thought originate in Eastern philosophy or in the continent of Africa. I believe religion originated with the homosapiens in the Sahara Africa.  Though in Africa abstract thought  was more expressed in art than in writing.

I tend to believe all religions originated in Africa and Egypt being a part of Africa not in the middle east. So we can trace abstract or religious thought back to Africa. In fact it was probably spread by the slave trade that went on for thousands of years throughout the ancient world. It is also speculated that voodoo is the worlds oldest religion several thousand years old. The first concept of an invisible world coexisting with a real world.

In China logical thought is embraced they were not importing slaves as in the middle east or other ancient civilizations. In China a person  became a slave voluntarily it was a completely different culture as they had an abundant work force. They mostly and still do today embrace logic. We find a culture based on logical wisdom.


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