Sunday, February 8, 2015

Heart Meditation

Valentines day is soon approaching.

I wanted to give a gift to the world .

This may be a little re-gifting and something new.

Heart Meditation

Meditate on these things over the holiday:

1. Home is where the heart is.

2. Love conquers all.

3. The heart is the shepherd , the mind is the sheep.

4. Singularity is found in the heart.

5. When you love what you do, you will do what you love.
In order to be successful you must put your heart into something you love. Some things we do out of necessity or circumstance. We should always pursue our way out of circumstance and follow our heart. Most of the time the situation is only temporary. Search you heart , think of a lion heart. Judah had the heart of a lion. Pursue your path.

6. Avoid mind traps , the true mystic knows the mind. Avoids duality struggles. The true mystic flows with the heart.

7. It is not about mind over matter, mind over anything (ego).

8. Quiesce the mind, search the heart.

9. Love , Joy , Compassion and Happiness are all matters of the heart.

10. Laughter comes from the heart.

When the mind wanders, practice heart meditation.

The heart is the shepherd , the mind is the sheep.

We spend countless energies in mind struggles (guilt and worry). These are counter productive wasted moments. When we concentrate this energy in the center of our being - the heart. The mind will have more moments for creativity and good thoughts and ideas will flow.
Joy to you,


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