Sunday, November 8, 2015

Excuses and Limitations

One of the things I find myself doing is making excuses. Actually covering up for the past only makes the situation worse. What you can do is be in the now and say I will get it done now, or will find a way. Its is always best to tell the truth or nothing at all. I was once asked a questions about someones character and chose not to say anything.

Limitations are very real and we should not be ashamed of them. It only gets you into the excuse rut. Be positive and yet know your limitations. One of my biggest problems in life was being over committed not able to say "No". Then I ended up being burnt out and no good to myself or anyone. My last job was lost by being over committed and fighting a bout of pneumonia , I should have just taken the extra days to rest.

The story of my life being stretched thin , even with time management. Delegating to others in your network can also help if you have that in place. One of the most misunderstood verse is 'all  things are possible through Christ who strengthens me.' Yes you can do more things , all things is a little stretch. Even Jesus was tempted by the satan to jump from the top of the temple and refused to as it made no sense. We need to be able to divine the realm of possibilities and learn to act on good intentions not destructive ones.

In the realm of possibilities we also need common sense. You need to balance common sense with faith. Common sense is something your pappy taught you or your father.

Peace ,


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