Friday, January 30, 2015

Shepherd and Sheep

Who is the sheep?

Who is the Shepherd?

Who is the Lamb of God?

Our Heart is to be like a Lion and is also to be the Shepherd. When Christ is in the heart , we have the good shepherd.

Our mind is the sheep which the shepherd is leading to pasture. When we lean to our own understanding and try to let the mind lead we will get lost. Our heart is the shepherd and knows the way to Truth.

Beliefs may vary between one group and another. What matters most is the focus is on the heart. In the end when you are in the presence of the creator will you say I was a follower of religion or my philosophy was sound. If you present the mind to the creator after passing it will be too late. You must present it now as a sacrifice and let the shepherd, the heart guide you.

The Lamb of God Jesus was called the lamb because he presented his mind to the creator. He willfully became fully compassionate, fully love. When we let our heart become the shepherd then we are being led by the Lord.

Let Christ into your heart.



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