Thursday, August 1, 2013

Darkness and Light

We have through time feared the night , the creatures of the night that were nocturnal were considered an abomination by the jews, They included the eagle, the falcon, the owl, seagulls and  bats just to name a few. WHY?

The moon was also associated with bizarre creatures such as werewolves and vampires. The moon was the simeon brother of the sun. Like it had a dark side and could not be trusted. Night predators and wandering mice. The larger cats the lions , the tigers all like to prey at night. WHY?

The night seemed to be a time of fear , dreams came at night. We often see shadows and death associated with the night. Why was it created ?

Perhaps the dark side of the moon is only a place on the other side of a sphere, perhaps a cave is just another place. Perhaps we have been wrong to place the eagle , the owl and the falcon in an abomination  category because of the screeching sounds they make to drive out small rodents and other such prey. But religion has categorized them because of this lack of understanding, because of fear.

I have always admired the eagle, the falcon and the owl does that make me an abomination. It seems that religion and lack of the understanding of nature can take a wrong turn. What about the nature of men if religion cannot properly discern animals. Is it any better with understanding men and women?

My conclusion throughout studying the throwing of dice in determining religious intention. The study of religion versus lack of basic understanding of nature has brought me to state anything that is not understood is an abomination.

Knowledge + Understanding = Wisdom. Superstition and lack of understanding is a religious characteristic. Many were burned at the stake for the production of common aspirin to relieve a headache or other herbal medicines.

Gays and Lesbians were at first persecuted until their numbers grew and many came out of  the closet, in fact many were priests and nuns. Does that mean they were ever evil or unnatural. Yes- they will not produce or evolve the human species physically but what about spiritually. Many will contribute to the cause of wisdom and over time many have been involved with charity and kindness.


What is the path of light , we are often told it goes with truth. I am the way , the truth and the light. Did Jesus ever write a book? No. If he had the book itself would be glorified. Did Jesus ever place himself above others? No. He said even greater things we should do. Did he teach to both the young and the old , suffer not the little children to come unto me.

I have just given a christian example but what about the hindu and the buddhist, the Islamic and the Sikhs. There is light in every spiritual path. Unfortunately the religions fight amongst each other to who has the best light. It is usually recorded in a book and the book becomes the glory not our Father or creator.

It amuses me that religion has lasted this long , but we can see the power rings that form under the name of providence. God is spirit. I find a mix of the spiritual with the religious in most of these books and it is so cleverly disguised. That is why I love the aboriginal studies where story telling was the main method of conveyance, it is also the method Jesus used.

The awareness we gain through spirituality is to be not afraid of the darkness. An american indian bonds with the eagle and understands its need for food, often wore the feathers. The original people of Hawaii held the owl as sacred - especially the white owl, understanding their majestic form. Many ancient people respected the cycles of the moon as it controlled the tides - later proven by science. More and more we are finding the herbs to be of use that were once tabu. Myself eat dandelions and benefit from the calming and physical benefits. They have replaced over the counter medicines and save a lot of pain.

Light is truth , darkness is lack of understanding, both are created and good.


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