Saturday, August 17, 2013


We see the picture of the person walking in the sand , the gentle wave crosses over the footprints erasing them. We see the walk in hollywood were footprints are made to be permanent in the sidewalk. We see halls of fame where famous sports figures are recorded. Yes- I have even seen the cast footprint of Albert Einstein - a childhood friends father owned a shoe store in Princeton and this was a favorite item they liked to show guests.

A persons footprint does not have to be cast in stone for others to know they were there. To some fame is important , a sign of success that sometimes money can buy. Yet we see in the story of Mahatmas that very little was left behind , perhaps a few articles sandals , glasses and maybe a watch. In America fame and fortune is viewed as success, in other cultures royalty and subjection to royalty. Some cultures  success is having children as many as possible. 

In Truth success has a perfect relationship with the footprint that we want to leave behind. In studying the cultures that are based on religion, political and providence. We discover this is America , from the founding fathers till now , we see a constant struggle for power and fame. We even elevate those that have achieved this kind of success. We have a love relationship with them , this include passion, jealousy and other feelings. We the people, by the people and for the people really means certain people. If you belong to as many fraternities and churches as possible your chances for this kind of success improve greatly in America. This is what a democracy is about -people. 

What is the spiritual life about? Is it about influencing people or becoming powerful? You will find it is not. We find that our footprint is more like the person that walked upon the beach whose footprints were erased by the sand. This type of life seems so meaningless though- from the aspect of the average american, it is probably something you would regard more in India or Africa or a  more spiritually historic place. It is true! The spiritual communities are often destroyed by the religious , those who seek power and providence. As in the case of the american indian , the australian aboriginal, the canadian aboriginals - many of these were a spiritual people. They were saved by religion according to the salesman of providence. Now we are discovering they had a deeply rich heritage and are trying to understand some of the writings left behind. If you take the time to read some of the american indian poetry it is a taste of this rich heritage. Often reflect on the writings of the Lakota and Cherokee tribes as they leave me with a sense of balance and peace.

The footprint of the moccasin has a lot of character, as does the footprint of the sandal. The moccasin was often worn for comfort and the stealth it provided in hunting. The sandal is often the choice of a philosopher or man of knowledge. The boot was often worn by those more aggressive in society , kick ass is a popular american term.

Actually the first boots were found in the use by the american indians over 8000 years old. The moccasin came later as it was discovered they were more comfortable for average wear, so the evolution of footwear has regressed. Indians learned to soften the hide and produce this remarkable footwear over time. The buddha left his shoes behind for the more comfortable sandal.

You may wear whatever you choose and certainly you will judge your own success by the footprint left behind in this world. 


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