Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Recently I developed an interest in scriptural studies. For some reason I felt the need to study the Septuagint and the Apocryphal books used by some. Actually there were several greek versions of the bible and many did not survive the ages. In all 600 books were presented and only one tenth were put into the modern bible. Some are referred to as canon and other deuterocanonical depending on the conference in which they were approved. So, I spent some time reading the stories and trying to see if the book of wisdom and others actually contained divine wisdom. It appears in the old testament other books are mentioned in Numbers 23 the book of the War of Lords and found a few others.

What does all this mean will I be given extra credit for reading all the books possibly related to the christian world - probably not. Leave no stone unturned is usually the incentive. Actually my favorite book is you. I love people even more than any biblical book. In all my studies never put a book before a person. Jesus never wrote a book, buddha never wrote a book, Muhammad was said to have written the Quran even though he himself was illiterate - this in itself would be a miracle. Actually hindu scriptures were attributed to gurus - enlightened holy men. The scriptures written by the the various gurus used by the Sikhs are considered to be a guru , the final guru in a series of guru. I have read about two thirds of the Guru Granth Sahib which is very inspiring. To be honest it is very poetic and could be used for quiet meditation effectively.

We take great pride in our scriptures because they are the religious guidelines. Yet - many will not read the others books. If you are truly a student , it seems you will read every book produced by gurus or apostles or by men of wisdom such as Solomon, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle or saints. Even more important there is a common thread of universal truth in most inspirational books. Read your books but never put a book before a person, they are much more wonderful it seems. If you get a chance hold a newborn baby , it can make us tremble in amazement. The most memorable times in my life were holding my children and grandchildren in the moments following birth.


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