Saturday, August 10, 2013



We are driving in the car or on a bus and hear a noise. Because we know it is a mechanical failure usually when a noise occurs, it may bring concern or distress. There is however a growing attitude that is to wait till it breaks. We see more and more people ignoring the noise , they do not pull over at the next service station or peak under the hood to see if it is minor or major - they simply do not care.

Then they hear a hungry child or one that is in danger, it is the same attitude - not caring. They long for the quiet and complain when there is noise, but never check it out.

Noise is a symptom of a failure or success, we just cannot ignore it. The cost to repair or the danger to yourself and others will be far greater if not repaired sooner. My dog will bark sometimes and we check it out - usually it means a stranger is about and sometimes it is merely a rabbit. When we hear a child who is engrossed in play a quiet man - it means he is learning and intent. When we hear one that is yelling or making a lot of noise it means they have nothing to fulfill their attention we call it a disorder or a deficit.

Jesus said to us let them who have ears let them hear! He wants us to hear the noise not ignore it and to do something about it.Some will say he was referring to the gospel but the gospels were not written until over a hundred years later. He wanted us to hear the hungry , the needy and also the wisdom - all these are important. Jesus also said to see in the same sentence. If we see a person doing harm to another intervene. Jesus saw Mary Magdalene being stoned for being a prostitute, he intervened on her behalf. He who is without sin throw the first stone. The noise of the crowd drew him toward the situation.

Some will say you are being nosey and mind your own business. It happened to me once , I was staying in a hotel and the room next door was very noisy, a girl was crying, a man was threatening. It was near New York City and could not afford an expensive room was waiting for parts to be delivered to repair some machinery. I knocked on the door and asked if anyone needed help. An angry man answered the door , he had just beaten his wife, she was crying. He told me to mind my own business. I told him right now my business was getting some sleep and he was interfering with it. Now I am not a small person and not that handsome - though normally quiet and peaceful have had my share of wars and battles.

The man knew I meant business and quieted down. To my surprise the next day he actually thanked me for being concerned and said he had a problem with anger, even the wife was grateful and we all had a good nights rest. We ended up just talking and departed in peace and smiles. Perhaps they made up - do not know what transpired , perhaps they just needed to be aware of their hurt. Yes- he could have had a gun and shot me - it was that kind of neighborhood. It also could have been disastrous for the wife if it continued. It is not for me to judge the man but the situation - the noise sent a signal.

We sometimes need to come out of the quiet and pay attention to the noise.


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