Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mondo della luna

The opera by Joseph Haydn is a story about a venice man who liked to entertain with his own private observatory and a telescope pointed at the moon. He would tell his guests he could see the people on the moon carrying out mischief and had everyone convinced he was an astronomer.

Actually he had no training in astronomy and no idea what he was looking at. Sometimes the telescope was pointed into the sky with nothing in view. He would answer his guest that his telescope was so powerful that it could see right through the houses on the moon.

We appear to be so emaciated at times to belief just about anything , a man can set up a church, hold a service and claim to observe the heavens. It may all appear real and the trimmings all seem right , the guests are delighted.

Who am I to judge ones intentions , are they playing church and just having a delightful time. The whole scenario of the opera Mondo Della Luna, looking at the moon, believing whatever, that it must be real because we are in an observatory with a real telescope.

The findings are the same without the trained astronomer how can one see the moon and have it explained. People on the moon in houses - really? I do not think so , especially since men have already stepped on the moon and returned. Of course some are told this never happened , what an opera that religion can be. At least play along with science and change the story , you can still play the same music. This has been the way for ages science and religion. A Venice opera.

Actually people were more entertained by the bogus astronomer and that all had a great time. It seems that is what people want , they return from church and say wasn't the music wonderful, did you hear the choir? fantastic. Now they have copied the popular rock music to appease the young minds, they have video screens to view, just like TV. They roll out the sacraments like it is just another part of playing church, very seldom saying the sacramental prayers or convey the incense.

Everyone has their method of religion , but at least do not copy the rock bands and give in to entertaining. We are not there to entertain but yes - if someone has an opera voice - enjoy, it may even bring a tear to your eye that God had gifted someone with such a voice. The more the capacity is for emotion the greater the emotional experience one will seek. The greater the spiritual capacity one has, the greater the spiritual experience. This is what the people want an experience, but to me the quiet radiates its own music, a celestial opus. Not that I am against a full symphony orchestra with an opera voice if you can arrange it - that sounds wonderful. What is important is that the message be pointed in the right direction.

The relationship with God is a spiritual one, there is also a spatial significance. Spatial is our sense of direction, the telescope example is relative to the spatial relationship. If we meet together for  spiritual service and do not have this spatial relationship it was just entertainment or a social meeting. In the human brain the frontal lobe contains our capacity for spirituality and next to that is the spatial or our sense of direction or where we are. It is not by co-incidence that the design is this way.

We are there to maintain a focus on God, however it be in worship or the message. If we have spirituality without focus it is unlikely we will actually have a ethereal experience. My hope is that we understand spirituality without focus is like the Venice opera.


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