Sunday, August 4, 2013


The policy of indifference shown by some religious orders to me is an offense to christ. While visiting hospitals or hospice it seems some priests will only pray for the catholic persons. I have held the funeral services for many catholics in slums even soliciting funds to pay for the burials, always keeping to the catholic prayers to honor their faith. Have done the same for jewish persons  honoring their prayers usually the 23rd psalm because a rabbi or priest may not be available or want to bother with a destitute we bury them in a wooden coffin. Even holding the hand of a hindu praying with them for healing. Did christ show indifference ? Did Peter ? Did Paul?  Does not God even care for the sparrow and all of creation?

At least once a week pray for persons of diverse faiths with no respect to color or orientation. This is why understanding divine will is important. Holiness is a combination of love and wisdom not a sectarian idea. Our Father who art in heaven , hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

When it was said, do not cast your pearls before the swine , it means those who refuse divine love not those who are not a member of your circle. Now I have seen some priests and rabbis that do evangelical work and reach out to other faiths, this is true love, but it does go against the policy of indifference.

When does a person or group decide who is under divine providence or general providence? These are questions that need to be answered , they are of the utmost disgrace. Often attend catholic services and even join with the various charities in helping the poor as a joint effort. My calling is to all of humanity not to a select group. This policy of indifference has hurt certain religious groups and not promoted love, peace and good will to man.

Jesus said suffer not the little children , yet some will not even hold an un baptized child because of this inbred policy of indifference. Then we ask why there is not peace in the world! Because you preach love but show indifference! Divine love knows no boundaries, it needs only to be accepted. To reject someone who is willing to accept divine love merely on their membership status is a disgrace!

I do not believe Mother Teresa checked to see if persons were of a certain affiliation to provide them with prayer, nor did many of the proclaimed saints to my knowledge.


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