Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Pentecost

We read of the day of pentecost where many diverse tongues were spoken and this was seen as a sign from God. Myself occasionally speak in tongues in prayer, and yes I am a mystic. Perhaps many desire this mystical experience it often brings on revivals at churches, even the catholics are seeking the experience but they call it charismatic. Some say it is of God others the devil. Others a gift or sign of the holy spirit. Even the apostles thought it was some sort of sign. On the day of pentecost this sign was witnessed by many.

What is pentecost, whole divisions of christians were formed from this phenomenon?
Some say if you do not speak in tongues you do not have the holy spirit but what is this gift?

After being a tongue speaker for over 40 years , and experiencing many emotional and displays of worship. Here is my answer.

Alone on a deserted island with no clergy or church, I first started to speak in tongues. Did not know what this was nor was there anyone to ask. Living on cocoanuts and honey for a year praying often and in these tongues. Were they to be a witness to others - NO. I was alone on a deserted island. Were they mystical? Yes -- my brain had somehow shut down the neurological center that produced speech. It was bypassed and all the mind was concentrated in prayer

In my case it was not a sign but more of a gift. Eventually my mind would shut down other areas of the brain , now I did have water caught in rain barrels so it was not lack of thirst. Eventually my mind would shut down entirely producing a trance like state and had out of body experiences. Now I do not think this was supernatural. It was merely a reaction of the brain as it was created. Just as in the case of healing the body is created to react to certain stimulus.

So every year the churches celebrate the day of pentecost , we see it as a divine mystery. Yet - is it a mystery or a gift - is it a function of the mind. 

In my being with the elderly near death often hear them speak unintelligibly , especially just before death. Did their brains became partially claimed by death. What about their other sensibilities ? They often act child like even those that may have held high degrees in science or education. We claim levels of consciousness or mystery when actually the mind is the mystery. Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ. We are to have the mind of Christ, which is a sound mind, a perfect mind.

So how does the pentecostal speak in tongues? In my experience it is a spiritual gift of the mind.
So how do some leave their bodies? In my experience it is a gift of the mind and body relaxation.
So how do some have visions? The mind.

Is this dangerous to the person? Most feel peaceful afterwards. 
Is it sane? It is actually very natural to release the mind.
Can anyone do this? In my case it was not taught but realized.
In religious circles we are told these gifts are for ministry and to promote the gospel of Christ.
Jesus never wrote a book, he told us to love, forgive and about grace and truth, these are spiritual ways. He also revealed the Father to some. The gospel we are speaking of does it teach grace and truth, then go for it.

Does this have a religious meaning. NO, it is a spiritual practice (the holy spirit). Many Catholics, Lutherans, Baptist and almost every denomination have had this experience. We see it is central to the pentecostal faith and is practiced during normal services. They call this the moving of the spirit, in catholic services it is usually only during charismatic meet ups this is practiced. Some believe that this was limited to the day of pentecost, however Paul explains he spoke in tongues regularly.

Why do I atribute this to the mind rather than the spirit, actually it is releasing the mind to the spirit. As in healing releasing the body to the spirit. The body , the mind and the spirit work together in life. When either is in disparity it effects the other parts. It does not mean a handicapped person is not spiritual , actually the spirit is usually heightened to overcome this handicap, similar to a person that is blind usually has a higher sense of hearing and touch.


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