Monday, August 19, 2013

Walking on Water

This is definitely dealing in the area of neither possibility or probability. Though it would seem to me mind over matter is miraculous if not impossible the bible states that for Jesus it was a possibility. This is just a few of the suggestive ideas that had been rejected by the reasonable or current thinkers. Though Martin Luther stated faith is without reason, this means we are to go beyond the probable and the possible to grasp faith. This was at first hard for me to grasp, it seemed to be somewhat suggestive. Then it appears that Peter also followed this feat and began to walk then lost his faith and fell into the water. Not sure why Jesus did this miraculous feat, it would have satisfied me to have his wisdom only.

It was Thomas Jefferson that removed all the things that were beyond reason from his bible. Now I am a believer in Christ had many experiences that may seem miraculous to some but do not call them miracles. I cannot fault Thomas Jefferson for writing his own version, wanting to hold onto the Christ he had come to know and love but not willing to give up all reason. He was expected to lead a new nation based upon sound decisions using all the reasonable powers at his disposal.

Then we have the story of the hindu guru that charged over 100 USD to watch him walk on water. He showed up with many of his followers and after the first step kirplunk, splash. Angrily he shook his fist at the crowd shouting one of you is an unbeliever!

We also see in certain buddhist and other religious writings long before Jesus time these claims were made of holy men performing the supernatural. We also see that Jesus warned of those that performed miracles in his name. So even Jesus downplayed the significance of the miracles. He taught it more important that we obeyed and did God's will than perform miracles.

We are on a path of wisdom not a path of miracles but for the argument...

Because though our brains are taught to believe with reason , using the probability and less likely possibility. We are forgetting the words of Martin Luther faith is without reason, and we are also forgetting the words of Habakkuk who said, " The just shall live by faith". So we are told to live in the world and not be of the world. As children of light this world becomes an illusion a dream and true reality awaits us or we can experience a glimpse of it in the miracle.

The whole purpose of the miracle is to unshackle the reasonable brain, to take us into another domain of possibilities. There are some willing to accept them and others who just will not go beyond reason. Some things we are told to just accept by faith and the truth will follow. In the world in which some  live reason precedes the truth, this is a logical precept. However to be aware of the ethereal , reason cannot perceive it. Light we are told precedes truth and we should become children of light.

To me reasonable thought is just current thought , but things that were never thought possible have become possible and even probable. So imagination leads to new ideas and creativity, it has been already proven.

The man who invented quantum physics, Max Planck  now a recognized science also said ' light precedes truth'. He also said that light becomes the truth when the opponents of it die out and a new generation is born. It will be without question that there will be a generation born that will someday think of walking on water as being possible. The same as our generation looked at flight and breaking the sound barrier, going to the moon, creating a cell phone that can access huge warehouses of information and sending pictures back and forth. Someday , that generation,  will look back and say , he did walk on water!


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