Saturday, July 27, 2013

Onion and Opinion

The Onion

We often here about peeling the onion as a description of developing character. It is a process of taking each layer sometimes tearfully until we reach a place in our spiritual life that is peaceful. We sometimes forget that the goal is inner peace.
 After peeling the onion we need to find wisdom to replace all the harm that our desires or selfishness left behind. More times than ever we do not find a main course for supper. We go back to the onion and it just gives us bad breath.

The Opinion

 When we offer an opinion that is not spiritual it can be harmful to relationships. Sometimes even offering any opinion can be taken wrong by religious persons. We hear it is wise to keep our opinions to ourselves. Sometimes an opinion can separate us it very seldom welcome. An opinion should be tried by fire or thought about carefully. Especially when you have a higher place in society. Sometimes it is wiser and a better choice to just remain silent. Silence is golden if it keeps the peace , especially inner peace.
 Once I wanted to make a comment on a news network and thought why? Does it offer food is it wisdom or is it just a part of the onion. If we are just sharing the onion we peeled away it is not a very good opinion. If it is good food for thought then perhaps it is worthwhile sharing.
Another often used saying if you do not want my opinion do not ask for it. Because sometimes the truth is not accepted in the light it was given. Giving pearls to the swine is spoken about in the bible. It is talking about offer pearls of wisdom to someone who would not benefit. Not everyone is seeking wisdom and is appreciative of sharing it.

 Words of wisdom, never share your onions. If you have faults keep them to yourself someone may serve them back to you at a later  time. Let your opinions not be onions.


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