Friday, August 9, 2013

Where is Waldo?

There was an interesting puzzle that was popular years ago, it was called "where is Waldo?" Of course you were given an image of hundreds of scenes and people and tried to find the character Waldo in his crazy hat and scarf.

We hear about out of body experiences and this thing called science. It was something that was explored and interestingly discovered something. The puzzle is not where is Waldo , it is where is your mind.

Where is your mind?

You have a body, mind and spirit supposedly in theory and it seems to be that sometimes people have out of body experiences , it actually happened to me several times. Not intentionally it just happened. It was not until after many years it was realized that something else was happening. It was not losing the mind , or going out of the body but actually finding the mind.

The mind was not in the body, it was this realization that helped me to understand the relationship of the mind to the body and eventually the spirit. The senses - the eyes are like fibre optic transmissions that pass light waves to the brain to form images, the ears are like sonar that pass sound, the smell aromatic sequences of chemistry, the touch warmth and cold and taste the delicate texture of nourishment or deserts. All of these sensory's input to the brain which interprets it to an image , a word, a healthy organism or chemistry, a source of nourishment -food.

After being processed in the brain in series of thoughts or data transmissions it is determined what is good , what is truth or reality is then passed to the mind. The mystery is where is the mind? Where is Waldo? The out of body experience is not losing the mind but finding the mind, it is out of the body. The brain is a processor the mind is the reality or truth, the truth is not of the body. So we technically exist ,at least our minds do, somewhere else.

Perhaps , someday if not already you will have this realization. While in my experience found that there were some disconnected from their minds, some had bodies - some spiritual entities. My theory is that our minds exist outside the body. We somehow sort through the garbage and chatter and pass on any discerned truth. As we have miraculous bodies , the mind is also very amazing. Where some put the brain in the mind category ,  the brain is with the body. The mind is part of the spirit not the body- at least this was my realization.

We may feel at times we are floating out of the body but it is actually toward the mind. Here is where the spiritual realm seems to be also.This is all that may be shared as to not spoil your experiences.


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