Sunday, September 1, 2013

the Rooster

We are reminded that in conscience before passing into death all debt should be paid. Even Socrates one of the greatest thinkers of all time reminded a friend to pay back a rooster that he had borrowed. It may have seemed like such a trivial thing - a rooster. Socrates also had many opportunities to flee - Yet he stood his ground in court and faced death as a philosopher that was not about to retreat. His most famous saying, " I know, I know nothing". That is realization in its finest.

In many religions karma is sort of a debt that is collected over lifetimes and need to be resolved. As a christian we believe this debt is impossible to pay and therefore Christ paid it for us. Do we use this as an excuse to disobey God. I found that 85% of the persons in prison claim christianity as their religion. That is a staggering number compared to most religions. You will find the next largest number is muslims , then native indians and jews - so religion does not seem to keep people out of prison. The lowest number very minute are actually Sikh and hindu. Of the highest number most are catholic then closely followed by protestant.

Is this a direct correlaton to the number of the population -No! Then why the large number of christians, muslims and jews  in the prison system. Perhaps they are not fully practicing their religion, on the contrary most come from a very religious background. They all believe in repenting for sin as an atonement and that they are forgiven and owe no debt.

My contention is that we should always be willing to pay back the rooster and do the right action regardless of religious teachings. If you borrow money- pay it back , religion does not give you the right to steal. This is a misconception held by many of those in prison, they have weakened their conscience. We are not given the right to kill and steal as chosen people. We need to live lives above reproach and within the law. When we see ,so called, religious beings committing violence in the name of God , it is even worse.

Is it because the Sikh are not really religious , they are spiritual. The hindu is not religious but spiritual, if you look closely, they are more serious about experience and practice. It also is true with the orthodox christians who are more concerned with spirituality and practice. There are some others within christianity that also have a believe in spiritual experience and practice. These are all in the smallest percent of prison population , there is a direct reflection of this in statistics. By their fruit you shall know them.

We need to achieve awareness to get closer to God , it is not just a matter of appeasing conscience.


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