Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Story Tellers

The Story Tellers-
Before the papyrus was invented men and women scratched their experiences on cave walls or mountainsides. Using the tools they had available they told of droughts , of good hunting even of romance. Chiefs and braves, shamans and story tellers sat around the campfire with the tribes women and children alike and told of their beginnings. They told of a garden where the Creator had given them all they needed, they spoke of hardship caused by disobedience to the Creator.
 Ages passed by the same stories told and it was all unwritten, since no paper yet existed. In the eastern and western world paper soon became available books were written. All the divine stories were put at last to writing. Except in the continent we now know as North America. The story tellers were still the main source of revelation and knowledge - the Great Mystery. Now it was in another part of the world a child named Jesus was born. He was of great knowledge and had divine insight - as the story was told of his life and miracles, his death and resurrection. Jesus never wrote a book or set of rules - all that was written about him was by the apostles or church fathers , much of it by Paul of Tarsus who never met Jesus in his natural life. Paul met Jesus after the resurrection on the road to Damascus. Yet - in the bible most of the material was written by Paul as if he were a first hand companion.
 We also read of doubting Thomas who had to put his hand into the side of Jesus to believe it was truly him, even though Thomas was a companion of Christ. Here we have today millions if not a billion people who are fully devoted to the witness of these apostles of Christ after his natural death. Can Jesus reveal himself today and just how would he do this. Some believe in relics of Jesus or saints can bring them closer to God. Some have had visions of angels or actual encounters and some Yes- have met Jesus on the road somewhere.
 My experience has been the Holy Spirit leads us into becoming more like Christ. Is my focus the translation of all these stories told through the ages and written to papyrus. No- my focus is on the transformation of the human spirit into the divine. This remains a constant revelation - I know I know nothing, we only have a inkling of what God is willing to reveal. The current church has grown out of story tellers and some of the same stories mysteriously are told on the one side of the planet as the other.
 The many sects of Judaism and Christianity have unfolded through time, some inspired by prophets others by apostles but mainly by the story tellers. Jesus himself was a story teller often telling a parable or story to signify a lesson. Where did these parables come from - what is more important the story or the lesson. Certainly if we miss the lesson , we miss the whole point. Things can not always be described in the language or manner of human understanding. To bring us into divine understanding stories are often used. Wisdom comes in all forms better to learn from a story than have to experience the hard lessons life can deal us.

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