Wednesday, April 18, 2012


 One of my favorite past times is reading about American History. Currently reading "Nothing Like It in the World"  by Stephen Ambrose about the Transcontinental Railroad given to me by a relative. I was also reading books about American presidents and behold Thomas Jefferson. One of the amazing things about Jefferson was that he was a christian , some believed he was an atheist. Jefferson had an issue with the bible, though - believing it to be partly inspired not forsaking it entirely. Whatever felt right in his discernment he kept whatever pages were not inspiring he tore out. Finally he ended up with the Jefferson bible - Yes , historians later found the leftover pieces that remained in his shattered bible and created it. You can actually purchase a copy of the Jefferson bible or find it online.
 How much of the bible remained after Jefferson got done with it - less than half. Now - he did this while he was president of the United States. Imagine him having a meeting with his generals discussing perhaps the American Indians or slavery , then walking into the study pulling out his secret bible - ripping out pages. Was it a way to take out frustrations , getting back at God or did Jefferson feel these pages did not belong in Christianity. I ask myself how did the bible become the book it is today. We know in fact it was translated from the Hebrew, to the Greek , to Latin and then German and English.
We know it also was translated into 100's of languages and dozens of versions but none so radical as the Jefferson bible.
 Each of us has a favorite verse or verses that we memorized. The 23rd Psalm is one of the most famous memorized chapters in the bible. I personally like the Psalms my absolute favorite gospel was the one that was never written. The unwritten gospel that Jesus lived by example. The one Jesus spoke about but never put to paper because it is about you. You are the gospel the unwritten word that is often read by others - we live by example. The only book that some may ever read is you. Don't get caught up in the translation because the only "trans" that matters is the transformation of your life. You are the reality and what is important in Jesus world. He passed this legacy onto all of us who follow in the footsteps of Christ - to be read.
 One lesson Jesus stressed in his ministry was to be obedient to God's commands and they were not burdensome. The transformation into a new being - this is being a christian. If you are not willing to change or have a personal walk with God all these written pages mean nothing. Lets not place all the importance on the written word - the Living Word is what matters.

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